Sound Restoration Services

Audio Salvage, Restoration and Repairs.
Archival strategies for Magnetic and Digital media.

Expert Witness, Audio Forensics and Analysis.

Camera noise - Hum / Crackle removal - Bad Backgrounds.
Convolution reverb sampling - Futzing & Affecting.

Restoration and Analysis Tools

Compressor Multiband Expand
Multiband Compressor Multiband Expander
Notch Filter De-Esser
Notch Filter Multi De-Esser

Wrenching and Wrecking Tools

Linear EQ Phone Futzer
LFE Synth Telephone Filter

These are a few of the latest digital tools I am using.
Harrison and their IKIS plugin range have provided new
tools that allow control that I have never achieved before.

These new tools are also augmented by products such as
Waves , Cedar, BSS DPR901 and the Dolby Cat 43 and 430.